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tmm_yuri's Journal

Tokyo Mew Mew Yuri
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This is a community I created for out Tokyo Mew Mew yuri fans since I know I'm a big fan of yuri and some of my favorite yuri couples reside in TMM :).

Some Rules

1. This is on my top list.No Bashing For instance I know some people may hate a certain pairing in TMM or a certain character but if you just don't like the person/Couple, please don't bash the person for liking it. You can you say say you don't like that couple but that is all.

2. It's okay to post a fanfiction or fanart in the communty but please put it under an lj-cut. I don't want the communty to be slowed down.

3. R/NC-17 fanfiction is allowed but please give a descriptive warning and put it under an lj-cut since well...some people feel uncomfortable about those stories.

4. Please give constructive critism and not flame any body's fanfiction/fanart.If there was something wrong describe what they need to do better okay.

5. Community plugs are okay, as long as they're primarily Tokyo Mew Mew and/or Yuri related. Ones that are not will be deleted. Beta requests are also welcome.

Post intoducting yourself is incouraged but you don't need to.

This is the communty's creator wildsmartchild who will be open to answer any questions you guys have.And if you want a request to be a maintainer, then please contact me.

Also if you want a specific couple I will soon have a memories section so it's much easier.

Also. Have fun. :)
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